Useful Marketing – 5 Concepts

by Linda Reyburn Shirey

If 25-year marketing veteran Jay Baer is right, it’s better to be a social media mind farmer than a short-term sales hunter. Here’s the idea:

YouTility: Marketing So Useful, That People Would Pay For It.

Useful Marketing

Let’s say you’re a micro-business who’s just struggling to find patches of berries and grubbing for parsnips. How can you make YouTility work for you, since you don’t have Hilton’s HR pool?

Share Useful Articles

30% more people will actually read them. Become a trusted resource.

The Power of the Personal

Your marketing competition is a vast array of friends, relatives, and potential employers. Avoid monologue sales tactics (coupons, discount codes, self-promotion) in favor of dialogue methods – Who and Why. This is Who we are. This is Why (x) is important.

Emphasize Mobile Marketing

It’s no longer okay to hear ‘I don’t know’. There’s too much available information for ignorance.

Answer People’s Questions In Blogposts

After 5-10 years scrapping it out in the marketplace, you’ve heard every customer question and answered it. Write down blogposts based on the most common questions, shoot videos, and educate your future customers. Teach better, sell more.

Radical Transparency

“Trust is the prism through which all business success must pass.” Refer back to the anti-ignorance principle; tell people what they already know about your company, then take steps to fix the sticky points. Especially with snarky Twitter questions.

Brilliant example here of the Exposé method getting turned on its head. Yes, men, you’re right – there is no such thing as a Happy Period.

Right now, there’s probably no time to work in (a) creating an app related to your company or (b) drafting amazing, original blogposts to dominate your industry. However, you can piggyback. Find and stream, through all your favorite social media outlets, reliable information from bigger companies. Build trust with your audience, then work your way towards becoming the actual information source.

Meanwhile, ask questions of your customers; they need insight more than piles of data. If you don’t have an iPhone, get it, and discover Instagram and Pinterest and Vine – or any 5 of the 15 places where your customers hang out. “Content is Fire; Social Media is Gasoline.”

Explore. Record. Repeat.


Linda Reyburn ShireyLinda Reyburn ShireyEditor and Creative Business Writer
Linda currently works as a freelance writer and researcher, having previously spent 10 years in office administration, from attorneys to accountants to international marketers. She enjoys helping small businesses clarify their content and message to the world.

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