Automation: The Rocket Company Way

(Read and Approved by Casey from the Rocket Company)

The Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer winners for 2013 (The Rocket Company) have an amazing way using automation to grow their sales by 832%.  If you haven’t been to InfusionCon 2013 or listened to their Infusionsoft webinar describing how they became successful, it is very inspiring.  I’ll try to summarize the automation processes I heard at both of these events:

The ABCs of marketing with Infusionsoft

A.  Attract Traffic: Pick one medium to DOMINATE.  For the Rocket Company, it was Twitter.  They have a small team, so they had to pick one.  Later after that traffic source is fine tuned, then move on to other sources of traffic.  Ask yourself “Where are most of my buyers spending time?  Twitter?  Facebook? On their phones?”

B.  Build the List:  This is CRUCIAL!  Get that email address and treat them as a customer when they give it to you.  People are much more hesitant to give out their email address since everyone gets spammed.  It’s important to have a really good offer to exchange for their email address.  Also, make sure to test your webform style and content to see what converts best.

Use pop-ups on your site.  Pippity is the one they use with their Word Press site.  They claim this is their #1 way to get email addresses.  It’s a “smart popup” that will only appear when you want and has many customizable features.

C.  Convert Sales: They use Warmups and monthly Webinars.  Warmups are the email sequences you setup in Campaign Builder.  Their monthly Webinars are prerecorded videos that they play which have a button below the video linking to the order page of the offer in the video.  This is such a great idea!

D.  Deliver Happiness: Don’t forget this step!  One important way to make sure you are doing this is to have a Net Promoter Score survey going out frequently to your customers.  The NPS survey is the one where you ask “On a scale from 1-10, how likely are you to refer me to your friends/colleagues?”  Track these results and do whatever you can to get your score to 9s and 10s.

Send out ‘wow boxes’ to your customers along with whatever they purchased when they make that first purchase.  Naturally branded gifts make a lot of sense, but the goal is to show the customer that they are a very valued customer.  Try including a hand written note in these orders as well.  This works.

E.  Engage for Life:  Create Affiliate Programs and Partners.  They claimed that this is a new strategy that they are working on now, but they are planning to implement it soon.  The more people saying great things about your business and driving traffic to your site the better.  Why not reward that effort?

F.  Financial Freedom:  If you follow all of the steps A-E, F should be your reward.  They have a wonderful quote “What flows to us, flows through us”.  If you make your business about more than just yourself and your desire to succeed, this goal of having a greater good will give you a stronger drive to succeed as well as attract more people to you and your cause.  Reward the people who work with you and help them reach their goals as well.


After the presentation, here are some other important points they made:

1.  Go to to get a free report “Freedom Killers” as well as see how another one of their popups works.

2.  Their success coach at Infusionsoft was hugely important in getting them started.

3.  They called customer support with a million questions. (I still call customer service multiple times a week even after using the software for 5 years)

4.  They spend 0 hours a week setting up Campaigns because they realize the most important people to have on their payroll are Infusionsoft Strategists.  Both strategists who can visualize the flow of the whole process as well as implementation strategists who do the technical work building out the Campaigns are critical.  Even when the business was still growing, they paid 5 hours a week for a person to do all the technical work in Infusionsoft.  (I hear this point over and over by people like Jermaine Griggs who was also an Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer and Brad Martineau of 6th Division)

5.  They still pay coaches, attend seminars, and continue to learn as much as possible because there is always another way to improve your marketing, but it is important to start small and focused.


I hope this summary of the Rocket Company way has helped you see the strength of using Infusionsoft for the automation of your business, as well as the importance of having a coach to implement your strategies.

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