Typing Faster On The iPhone

Here is one of Jason’s favorite “productivity tips” to get through the transactional work faster on the iPhone. “Don’t waste time retyping the same stuff…” Great tip Jason! Published on Mar 10, 2012 by Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA, Founder of GET MOMENTUM For more great productivity tips, please visit Jason’s page at www.TimeToGetMomentum.com  

No time to pickup dry cleaning? Consider TaskMonkeys or TaskRabbit

Hire a Monkey/Rabbit to run your local micro jobs A great way to stay focused more on your business instead of having your time split on a dozen local micro jobs, consider using a service that lets you hire people on a one-off task basis.  Here are details about two different companies with the same goal “Don’t sweat the small stuff, hire a monkey/rabbit”.  Also, this can be a great...

Tim Ferriss’s Top 3 Productivity Tips For Small Business Owners

Tim Ferriss Productivity Tips For Small Business Owners
By Jenna Goudreau, 11/27/2013 (Business Insider) Productivity guru Tim Ferriss, author of the best-selling book “The 4-Hour Workweek,” popularized the idea that many seemingly difficult pursuits — running a business, getting in shape, learning a language — can be achieved in much less time than most of us imagine. Ferriss started out as a small business owner working 90-hour weeks to grow...

Outsource Your Micro Jobs Inexpensively

Outsource micro jobs inexpensively
By JESSICA BRUDER, Published: 12/19/12 (NYT) Small-business owners are like Swiss Army knives: expected to handle dozens of specialized tasks without falling apart. But even the sharpest entrepreneurs have it tough this time of year — inevitably, some will outsource part of their workload to other enterprising people. This season, dozens of start-ups are competing to take on your holiday headaches....