ICON14 – Magnetic Marketing, Darcy Juarez

(Notes from presentation by Darcy Juarez at ICON14)

Magnetic Marketing

The fuel for secret and not so secret millionaires is to have mastered magnetic marketing. Many people set out to mirror others already successful, but don’t necessarily understand everything they are trying to do.

Your agenda is to sell something as a small business. You can’t mirror a big business because they have many more agendas than you do. You don’t always need a new tool or new trick. You just need to do it smarter.

Most business owners are clueless about marketing and advertising. All the people selling ads just want you to buy ads because they make money selling the ads, but they don’t know any more about how to actually produce a customer or make a ale than you do. Their goal is not your goal.

10 rules of magnetic marketing

(Why is it that numbers make articles more attractive?)

Dan Kennedy’s 10 Money Making Marketing Rules

These are the rules people live by (and I’m waiting on the slide deck to make sure I have all of them)


1. There will always be an offer or offers. You need to make your communications actually ask someone to do something. You don’t need to always ask them to BUY something, but you need to get them to DO something. Ask them to send a reply. This gets them to be trained to actually follow your suggestions. Newsletters are great to stay top of mind, but you can still ask people to do something.


2. There will always be a reason to offer. There are two types of offers: Direct to Purchase and Lead Generation. The better way to build a list is to only ask a person to raise their hand and identify themselves as having an interest in your product, but not actually to buy it. Lead generation to a cold list of people that is not asking any money works much better than selling to a cold list of people. Targeted lists are much more profitable. It’s more efficient to have people trying to call you do get what you offer instead of you cold calling them. You can do a hybrid by placing an item at the bottom that has a link to buy, but the top part is just offering information.


3. There will be follow up. Hesitation and procrastination are the most common human behaviors. ‘But my business is Different…’ No, human nature isn’t different. The rules all apply and always work. Your clients are not any more or less sophisticated than other buyers. Inject a sense of urgency to move people in the direction you want them to go because it is natural for people only act when there is an urgency. Not following up with your list is a hidden cost. 80% need people reminding. You need to give clear directions. Failure occurs as a result of giving confusing directions or not directions at all. Never assume anyone will do anything. Your PS needs to say you have until … day…time to do something. Confused minds don’t buy. Harness what you have and put the one option in front of them.

Anxiety increases when someone is asked to do something, but they are unsure of what to expect. In your communications, tell them who they need to ask for when they come in/call/email with a question. When people don’t know what to ask, they ask “How much?”

(Sneaky tricks ahead…)

You can say ‘Ask for Suzy’ as Leadsource. Suzy doesn’t exist, but people know that if someone is asking for a particular person, you know where they came from and what they are likely needing. It takes away their anxiety.

Call 1-800 to place your order. Instead, say only 14 things are available for our best customers like you. Invitation sent to a select few. Only accepting calls for a duration or until the 14 are sold. Helen or Rob will be available to help you. This way they ask for a person instead of just to order.

“If you would like to see the (… a 9 minute video preview is accessible online at …) and you may also instantly purchase your cash widget at the conclusion of this video and receive a confirmation immediately. As always your satisfaction is guaranteed with a 15 day inspection and return privilege…” make it completely clear.


4. There will be tracking and measurement  Whatever brand building occurs will be a happy by product, not bought.

# of units sold, $ collected, # of upsells sold, # of clients and patients seen.

In your future bank, you need:

How many calls from the ad?

# of email addresses were collected today?

What are you doing with those email addresses?  He who owns the list holds the money.

# of mailing addresses are collected.   Direct mail still works. In fact it works better now. Go online to offline back to online. Get people to give you an address, then mail them a direct mail piece, then get them to go back online to purchase.

# of new members. Continuity is critical to success. Reoccurring income on continuity is how business has grown. This is part of your future bank.

# of new leads.

Cost per lead.

Cost per sale.

Increases and decreases in Life Time Value.

# of referrals.   These are free customers!

Time between purchase. You need to know how long so you can market effectively when that time is getting near.  This is also known as the Sales Cycle.

5. There will be strong sales copy – Most copy starts with the company product/service and it’s features. Great copy develops a more creative customer focused positioning.

Regardless of whaever media you use it will look like mail order advertising


6. Results rule. Period!!!   Your spouse’s or your opinion don’t matter on what is good advertising.  Look at what brought in the numbers.


7. You need to be a tough minded implementer.  This doesn’t mean YOU have to be the one doing it, but you need to care enough to make sure someone is doing it right.


8.  Great copy is written backwards from the customers interests, desires, frustrations, fears, thoughts, feelings, ad experiences. What is it that is keeping your prospect up in the middle of the night because of their problem? Your copy should take them on a journey to REVEAL a real solution that is tied to your business. You want them to reach that decision and realize that your solution is what they want without them knowing they wanted it.

Think of making a sale as the way to get a customer instead of just getting a sale. Reoccuring purchases are so much more valuable than a one time purchase.

Copy examples:

Now – you’ll hit the ball off the tee farther and straighter … (lame)

Now you will amaze your golf buddies, and hit the ball off the tee farther and straighter. (better)

Keep asking your customer “Why?”  Ask why again, and again, and again.

Now you’ll be the envy of your amazed golf buddies when you hit the ball off the tee farther and straighter …(still better)

Keep asking why people want what they want. Keep asking ‘why’ the reason is always deeper. The people who buy are the ones who think that ‘that person gets me’ because you asked enough questions to really nail the reason people need something.


(I’m not sure how I missed #9 – #10.  I think either she ran out of time or I miss numbered somewhere.  I’ll update after I get the video library)

These notes are from Darcy Juarez’s presentation of Magnetic Marketing at ICON14.  Nearly all of the content are in her words or paraphrased.  I’ve added only minor bits for clarification or example.  For more notes from ICON14, please check out my InfusionCon Notes category of posts.

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