Job Alternatives to Get Employed During The Coronavirus Lockdown

by Artur Meyster

The coronavirus lockdown has hit many people hard. In fact, many employees have lost their jobs because organizations cut costs. They started to face an unemployment situation that made their days darker. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that there’s a solution to every challenging situation.

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting every person in the world. Whether the pandemic has a direct or indirect impact, everyone has felt the consequences. To move forward, organizations and tech talent need to work together.

Employers’ requirements are now higher as remote working is the new standard. With this in mind, if you are looking to increase your job opportunities and get a new position, you’ll need to try new alternatives.

Given these points, here are some job alternatives that will help you face unemployment and succeed during this challenging situation. 

Mobile Developer

Becoming a mobile developer is an excellent choice to fight unemployment. This is not only because mobile developers are in demand but also because they can earn impressive salaries. According to Glassdoor, a Mobile Developer makes, on average, $140,000 per year at Pinterest.

Becoming a mobile developer will help you increase your opportunities and change your lifestyle. However, you’ll need patience and discipline.

Mobile developers often deal with stressful situations during projects. They have to meet deadlines and deal with testing and debugging processes that can be time-consuming. Additionally, mobile developers must have time management skills to succeed in team projects.

Nowadays, smartphones have become part of our life. The demand for innovative applications is increasing every day. Organizations are always looking for skilled candidates that can help them meet customer’s demands. By using mobile apps, companies can meet customers’ needs and gather valuable information.

Generally speaking, learning mobile development skills will help you land a job as you’ll be able to work remotely. You’ll be able to do all your work-related duties from home.

Web Developer

During the coronavirus lockdown, websites’ traffic has increased significantly. This is because customers have started to purchase more products online as well as buying essential things like groceries. Because of this, more organizations have begun to hire web developers that can help them build websites to have a digital presence.

Websites allow organizations not only to increase their advertisement effectiveness but also to expand their market. In other words, organizations can significantly improve their sales and have better profits. With this in mind, it’s crucial to say that websites are becoming indispensable for organizations to succeed.

If you’re wondering how to become a web developer, you can start a course or join a coding school. Coding bootcamps are an excellent option these days as you will be able to learn from home. Most coding schools design their programs to meet aspirants’ needs.

Thinkful is a company that provides several programs where you will be able to learn web development skills. The company allows you to learn in-demand programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, which are essential for building interactive websites.

At Thinkful, you’ll be able to learn enterprise-level skills in only 24 weeks. Also, with the help of experienced professionals, get prepared to convince any employer and land a new job. Apart from that, you will be able to develop abilities that will help you excel.

UX/UI Designer

Users are more and more concerned about the experience they have using a particular product or service. Consequently, organizations have been forced to build more dynamic and sophisticated products that make customers feel engaged.

UX/UI designers are responsible for creating visually appealing designs that can attract customers’ attention. Also, they are responsible for designing interactive products that customers’ will always remember. In fact, by providing unique experiences, organizations can remain competitive as more users will be willing to use their products.

To become a UX/UI designer, you’ll need a lot of creativity. If you think this role is made for you, it’s a great option to get hired during the coronavirus pandemic.   

Data Scientist

Data scientists are the ones helping organizations to innovate and reshape the future. These days every organization needs a data scientist in its team.

Data scientists are responsible for creating insights to help companies make smart moves. As a result, organizations can remain competitive. Data scientists often need to implement sophisticated programs that can help them analyze and interpret data. Every data scientist needs to learn machine learning skills to provide better results.

Data scientists have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. In that case, to become a data scientist, you will need decision-making skills that can help you lead organizations to success. According to Glassdoor, data scientists earn, on average, $150,000 per year at Facebook. 

In other words, becoming a data scientist might change your life forever. So, why not give it a try? After all, there’s always time to have a new way of life. 


In summary, these job alternatives will help you to get hired. However, you should try the one that best fits your needs. Remember that when landing in a new job is essential to feel comfortable with your responsibilities. As a result, you’ll be able to perform better and achieve true professional fulfillment.

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