Infusionsoft November and December 2016 Release Updates

There have been a few nice updates lately to Infusionsoft, and I wanted to let you know about some of the new features available.  Links have been provided at the bottom of this email to watch the full update video as well (each is about 12 minutes long).

Campaign Categories – These are now available in Campaign Builder to organize your Campaigns and make it easier to find them.  You can add or remove multiple categories to your Campaigns from the Action button in the View Campaign screen.  You can also filter by Campaign type to find certain Campaigns easier.  Just like Tag, I recommend categorizing all of your existing Campaigns.

Campaign Goals can be changed without affecting decision diamonds after them.  You just click on the Goal and choose Change Type.

Popup Task Reminders are now grouped into 1 popup!  No more worry about crashing your application with dozens of popups every time you login.

Broadcasts and Campaign Actions can now be scheduled based on the Contact’s Timezone!  You need to be sure the timezone is correct in the contact’s record, but in many cases, this will be updated automatically from things like the Address fields or if a webform is filled out and using IP tracking.

A new Goal has been added to Campaign Builder – Website Visit.  You enter the URL you want to track, then copy and paste the provided Javascript code onto that web-page.  This drops a cookie on your contact’s computer and then waits for a webform submission.  Since this is a Goal, Sequence can be started (or ended) when this Goal has been met.

Opportunities are now able to be seen and modified in the mobile Infusionsoft App.  If you haven’t downloaded the mobile App yet(iOS & Android) or started using Opportunities, here is a great reason to do both.  Oh, and you can Complete Tasks assigned to you in the mobile App by just swiping the selected Task.

Email deliverability can be improved when you provide your hosted email address to Infusionsoft.  I think it also might remove the (sent by Infusionsoft on behalf of) from the email Sender line.  Steps for setting up this new protocol.
I’ll send out another update email for the January and February Updates.  Here is a link to all of the past Releases and Notes.

December 2016 Update

-Marc Avery

Your Automation Coach

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