ICON14: 11 Big Ideas to Double Your Sales in the Next 12 Months

(Notes from presentation by Tyler Garns)

11 Big Ideas to Double your Sales in the next 12 Months


1. Nail your message – Be in the mind of your prospects. If you can get in their heads, then speak to what they are looking for.  Who are you appealing to? What method are you using to reach them? What is the Problem? What is your Unique solution?  Know the perceived strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Attack a different angle than your competitors. Do split testing for Subject Lines and message.


2. Understand the Motivation – Certainty, Growth, Significance, Contribution, Connections/Love, and Variety are the key reasons people buy according to Tony Robbins.


3. Know Your Strategy – Automation is not a Strategy, it’s a tactic. (see 5 Keys of Marketing Strategy for what a strategy should be) How are you going to help your prospects get from where they are to where they need to be is a Strategy. Gap Strategy is to see where you are, where you want to go, then ‘dead end’ all options except the one that fits best to reach you where you want to go.


4. Get Out of Your Way – A prospect in motion will continue in motion until you screw it up. In person you can use body language to read how someone is receiving information. When you offer an email campaign, you should add a Self-Accelerated Campaign (refer to Casey Graham’s Membership Site session) so people can get everything at their own speed. If they have only one free day to study, make it easy for them. Do a 30 minute delay and send out emails that are plain text with no branding.


5. Nail Your Offer – Bad offers: Free report for people who to buy something, an automated webinar from a company that sells phone cases, or 10% of legal fees (because cost isn’t the issue).  Make sure your offer fits the people who would want to get it (your target market, not the whole market in general).  The Offer helps the customer get closer to where they want to be or at least where you want them to be. The Offer has greater perceived value than the exchange. The benefit a well prepared Offer can be perceived immediately. These are structures of a good offer.


6. Optimize Revenue – Offer something at different price points and look at conversion rates, visitors, sales, and revenue.  Also account for upsells in the data. The numbers will tell you what you should do, but you have to be able to read them.


7. Know your Numbers – Use Tags for reporting. Set up a reporting category (I like using ‘Metrics’) for tracking movement through a funnel.  New lead tags, new customer tags, etc are useful to see the date range of a Tag being applied.

Habits to adopt (and put on your Dashboard):

– Track your Metrics weekly

– Marketing expenses

– New customers

– Gross revenue

– Average lifetime value

– New leads


8. Focus on ROI – This is of the most important if not the most important number you need to watch. Lead Source ROI is one of the few reports that actually works well in Infusionsoft. This report should be guiding your marketing money. You must track Leadsources correctly. Tracking Leadsources well alone can double your sales.


9. Segment properly – Sales improve Dramatically after you hyper segment your message.  Segment properly with Tags.


10. Get Mobile – Send out SMS for people to click a link to fill out a webform.  Make it easy for people to use mobile phone for the full interactions. And make sure the pages and forms are fully optimized for mobile devices.


11. Referrals need to be Systematic – Make “Refer a Friend” a part of your normal business process. This is a free system. Sure you are likely to get a bunch of bogus leads too, but the ones that are real are what kind of ROI? Infinite.


These notes are from Tyler Garn’s presentation at ICON14.  Nearly all of the content are in his words or paraphrased.  I’ve added only minor bits for clarification or example.  For more notes from ICON14, please check out my InfusionCon Notes category of posts.

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