The Coaching/Consulting Model

“Offering a service that may or may not require the client to travel.”

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Case Study #1  LeftFoot Coaching

LeftFoot Coaching said that their biggest impact of implementing Infusionsoft was setting up a paid trial process that sequences into a full paid Membership.  They use Opportunity Pipeline/Goals/and Tags in Campaign Builder to automate all of the actions needed.  They make HEAVY use of the Opportunity module.

They also use Leadscoring to find problems with the lead capture/conversion process but not much after that.

The Steps:

Inquiry – Several emails are sent and access to ‘parts’ of a Membership site are given.  This is a 10 day process.

Trial – A paid trial will usually start and more benefits will be given, but this is not a Full Membership.  LeftFoot Coaching believes in an Elite Membership model where you don’t just pay to join.  You have to earn it and prove yourself worthy.  There is also a membership cap at each location, so new members are vying for limited space.

Membership & Core Products – LeftFoot Coaching not only Delivers, they also Wow their new members that have been officially added with a Full Membership.

Upsell & Backend Sales – Premium content

Renewals – To keep the continuity programs running

(Referrals and Testimonials would be part of other Coaching/Consulting Models, but a lot of the people using LeftFoot actually like to keep it quiet since this can give an edge for their kids.  Still the testimonials are evident in the performance of the kids)

Christian Isquierdo (Founder of LeftFoot Coaching) says you must understand your prospects PAIN.  Then you market specifically to this PAIN.  Use urgency like a 10 day discount with limited but very useful benefits, and have a path to proceed after the 10 days are up.  It is very important to track the 10 days and remove the benefits at the conclusion.  Below is a brilliant Landing page they use.  They address topics of Urgency, Elite, and Highly sought after:

LeftFoot Landing Page


They also use a “4 day cash-machine” which is a set of emails that go out with lots of videos and testimonials.

LeftFoot Coaching uses 3 price points (low/middle/high) with clear segmentation to capture ranges of interest and capacity to pay.

All Contacts that are nearing Renewal are sent another ‘4 day cash-machine’ series of emails to smooth along the renewal process.  Every month one of these sets of emails goes out for people about to Renew.  This greatly helps cut down chasing Renewals and discounts/special offers can be made to entice Renewal or even upgrading.

CustomerHub is used with a Tag based permission system which makes it very easy to control a 10 day Trial.

They are now considering doing a One Year subscription upfront and then let people go month to month after that so there will be even less time spent chasing renewals.  People can ‘cancel anytime’ after the first year.

The Full Process:

Everything starts with the Trial to Purchase.   A Package Setup is made and the client is moved to a ‘Ready to Schedule’ mode.  At the same time, the client is given a limited access to the Membership site (to whet their appetite).  The client then schedules the 2 day trial/evaluation and an appointment management system lets the client schedule a time that works for them that fits in certain windows of availability.  If they don’t schedule, a Task is created to Follow up.  Attending the Trial is tracked and a Coordinator is used to gain detailed demographic information about the client while also performing the trial evaluations.  After the Trial is over, a Membership phone call will be scheduled to do a final Membership Interview.  At the end of the interview, either a Join is given or a Delay/Defer/Deny is given.

Membership is denied for various ‘non-actions’ like not clicking on important emails or not Opting In to the original email sequence.  They have noticed in the past that clients who don’t do these things end up being difficult to deal with down the road.  Negative points in Leadscoring can be used to punish certain non-actions.


Case Study #2  Modern Martial Arts

This Martial Arts studio starts off their new students with a 6 month membership and only moves to a 12 month with continuing students.

They track email Opt-Ins with tags. Once someone Opt-in from the website or a Landing Page, they are added to a Nurture sequence.  9 emails are sent through the Nurture sequence with a 4 day delay between each one.  Every email has a clear Call to Action to schedule a Trial 2 classes.

The first step in the funnel is to push people towards a Trial membership and then Convert to full Membership.  A prospect will Opt-In for a 2 class introductory Trial which is then followed up by emails and phone calls to ensure the prospect comes in.  Tracking is done to see if the 1st Class is Scheduled, 1st class is Attended, if the 2nd Class is Scheduled, if the 2nd Class is Attended, the Trial is Completed, and the Conversion to Full Membership occurred.  This are all done in Opportunities.

Scripts are used on the phone and by the sales staff to be consistent with the message on the website (same method is done with IronTribe).

Physical products are also offered to be purchased in the gym or online (to be picked up in the gym).  All purchases are tracked and tagged.


Case Study #3  IronTribe Fitness

As a Cross-Fit based fitness business, they require customers to visit the gym, but they also use a Membership site to extend benefits way beyond the actual place of business.  Memberships have an Elite feel because there are a limited number available at each location (250).  Other locations are opening up all over the country because IronTribe has figured out how to franchise their business while maintaining their quality and message.

Their average monthly membership is about $250 which is much more than a Gold’s Gym membership, but much less than hiring a regular personal trainer.  75% of their new business comes from referrals, and the attrition rate is under 4%

They run direct response ads in local print, radio, TV, billboards, SEO, SEM, and lots of multimedia websites.  All of these Leadsources drive people to one location:  The main purpose behind this website is to get people to fill out an Infusionsoft Opt-In form.  Once the form is submitted, the prospect goes through a 12 step follow up sequence of the 9 Fundamental Moves to ‘warm them up’ with education and tons of social proof.  Each email offers a tease to a much more in-depth Landing Page on

Webforms to enter prospects into the warm-up sequence are on Contact Us pages, animated .GIF files, websites, banner ads, and many other locations.  On the thank you page after the form is submitted, free gifts are offered like a thumb-drive that autoplays a video about IronTribe.  These ‘free’ gifts get them an address they can use for later marketing and/or gifts.

Two of the Free Reports offered are written in the classic direct response style with BOLD headlines, an Irresistible Offer, Ironclad Guarantees, and also loaded with Testimonials.

All store managers have walk-in scripts to match the content on the website and in the webforms.  Tasks and Tags are used to organize each facility’s managers’ Dashboard in Infusionsoft so in a quick glance they can see how many prospects are at different stages of the Funnel, how many memberships are currently locked in, and how many they need to go until they reach 250.  These managers can adjust the tags of their prospects to maximize efficiency.  Each location has their own Infusionsoft application.  Sales scripts are used to follow up and templates are used to follow up, and this determines if a prospect is “Active” meaning a signed client with a 4/8/12 month contract or “TIO” thinking it over.

The list of Tags available is very long so detailed metrics can be run to get a perspective on the efficacy of the marketing campaigns.

Partnerships with other vendors in each gym enhance the memberships and not only add value to IronTribe but also the vendors as well.  ‘Stick Campaigns’ are automated to upsell members into food programs and supplements.  Referral programs are also automated and give coupons towards these programs when an existing client refers a new client.

All marketing flows through the web and then ultimately though Infusionsoft.  It has enabled the business to scale up while maintaining consistent sales, marketing, and quality.



The Coaching/Consulting Model is made from notes taken from the Small Business ICON Playbook “Top Customer Case Studies & Campaign Samples” from ICON14.

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