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(Read and approved by Jermaine Griggs)

Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer winner 2011, Jermaine Griggs (from HearandPlay), has great ideas about tracking the actions your customers take so you can score and market to these customers more appropriately.  He calls this tracking Behavioral Counting.  I’ll try to summarize the first video from his Automation Clinic:

Behavioral Counting is tracking what people do and when they do it.  Try keeping count of these particular Actions (like clicks, page views, downloads, logins) and make the results this tracking actionable.

If you are going to track emails, track how many emails and the types of emails you send out.  If you are tracking logins (on a membership site), you should also track ‘consumption’ like # of pages visited, purchases on your site, and videos watched.  There are even ways to track how long videos have been watched so you can setup Actions based on different timeframes being reached (Plus This from 6th Division has a great plugin for this).

Why is any of this important?  Segment the serious action takers out from the rest of your database of lookers or non responders.  Sometimes it’s even a good idea to make a sequence so people can Opt themselves out of your marketing materials before they get tired of your emails and declare you as SPAM.  Segmentation allows you to send more marketing $ to serious buyers.  Set up thresholds for your promotions like only inviting people who have clicked a certain number of email links, filled out a number of surveys, or logged into your site at least twice a week.  Without behavioral marketing, Infusionsoft is just a glorified auto-responder.


(Here are the steps Jermaine describes in order to setup an Action set to do tracking.  Without the video, the steps may be more confusing, but I want to include them for those who know what to look for).

1.  Setup Whole Number custom fields for activities you want to count.

2.  Determine the maximum score you want to count up to because you must create the Action Set in reverse order.  If 10 is the maximum count of something you want to track, you’ll start at 10, but you can’t just add on later, you’d have to start over.

3.  Create a counter Action Set (I usually name it something like “Webform counter” when I do these) and choose the Action of ‘set a contact field to a specific value’.  The value will be the maximum value of your Count.

4.  Check the box for the Conditional Statements (only run this Action when certain rules are met) and click the Add button.

5.  Name the Rule Set (again I keep the name consistent like Webform counter: filled out X times” where X is one less than the maximum Count you just entered before).

6.  Click the Create Criteria button, choose the dropdown showing ‘Contact – general information’ and select Contact – custom fields (custom).  Then use the dropdown on the right and find the Whole Number Custom field you created earlier. (you remembered to make one earlier, right?)

7.  Enter the whole number value for “is between” and “and”.  This should match the number in your Rule Set name.  Then click Save Criteria, then Save & Close.

8.  Click Save and you have now made the first part of your Counting Action Set.  What it will do is look to see in your custom field if the value is X (which you entered to be the range of the lookup), and if the value is X, it will change the value to be the value you typed in the ‘set a contact field to a specific value (which should be one number greater).

9.  Now you just need to do this exact same process all the way down to having a “is between” 0 “and 0 so that the contact field can be set to 1.

10.  After you’ve finished making the Action Set, go and put it in every place where the counting can happen.  (With the webform counting, I put this Action Set as one of the first Actions taken in the Sequence following the webform in Campaign Builder.  You need to use the Action Set (Legacy) under Process)

Here are some more items you can count:

–  Free member login vs Paid Member login (save this as a Login Score count)

–  Total Money Spent

–  Rating Scores of Videos (use Net Promoter Surveys)

–  Comments on your teaching style

–  Leadscores (use this to set Levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc…)

–  Email Scores

You can also create Tags at the same time you are changing the field value, so if someone reaches half way to your maximum, you could apply a Tag 50% of webform goal and then have this become a Dashboard item you can monitor easier.  In Campaign Builder, you can have full sequences kicked off when that Tag gets applied (which will be all automatic).  I think this is brilliant.
Then you can also setup decision diamonds that trigger different sequences when people have certain Tags (again which can all be setup to be fully automated).


Make sure to load this Action Set to everywhere it applies.  Try using the custom field as a merge field in different emails so you can personalize an email based on that customer’s actual behaviors. “I see you’ve logged in 12 times this month.  Great job!”  Use these statistics to create loyalty programs where these counts can become loyalty points. Again brilliant!

Tag at specific count levels like 10, 20, 30, etc.. for easier use in Leadscoring. email merging, sequence starting, or Dashboard reporting.


Thanks Jermaine for all of these great automation ideas!  Actually, if you want to see the master at work, you should go to his website and fill out his webform and just watch all of the marketing pieces you will receive and how well timed everything is done.  If you aren’t interested in learning to play music better, then go to his Automation Clinic website and sign up there to improve your skills in Infusionsoft.

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  1. Marc,

    Great summation of my first video. Awesome job.

    All the best,
    Jermaine Griggs