Your Automation Coach is your source for productivity and marketing tips, business experts, and life/balance resources. My goal is to give you more time back in your day so you can work ON your business instead of IN your business. I believe using marketing automation software like Infusionsoft is a critical step towards freeing you from constantly reacting to the latest business ‘fire’. Proactive and well thought out business plans implemented by business experts will grow your sales far beyond their cost as well as free you to spend more time where YOU want to spend it.


About Me

Marc Avery

Small Business Marketing Coach – Infusionsoft Consulting – Marketing Implementer

I understand the needs of small business owners when it comes to improving their marketing. A great product can only keep a business running for so long. A fully tracked and measured marketing plan is necessary to grow a business, and most small business owners don’t have the time to plan out their marketing while they also run the business.

This is where I can help. I have been exposed to many business over the last seven years while mastering Infusionsoft. I have finally developed marketing models I have created by studying other very successful businesses using Infusionsoft. Even at their most basic form, a well thought out marketing plan is better than no plan at all.

I specialize in small businesses that have either recently purchased Infusionsoft or have never really gotten the hang of the software but are eager and excited to finally spend the time to make it work. I want to work with the small business owner to see how using the many automation techniques built into Infusionsoft can save well more than the monthly subscription. I also help layout the full path of a prospect from an initial Lead through to Raving Fan.

What sets me apart from other Infusionsoft Consultants is not only my accessibility, speed, and knowledge, it’s my desire to be part of the team instead of just doing a project or task. Once I take on a client, I keep thinking about new ways I can help or different ideas to try out.

Specialties: Strong skills in Infusionsoft and a modest knowledge of WordPress and web design and many other software programs integrated with Infusionsoft.