The Service Business Model

The Service Business Model
“Performs a physical service for their Client which is either done at the Client’s location or at a ‘Brick and Mortar’ store”   Case Study #1: CleanCorp CleanCorp uses Infusionsoft to fully integrate their multiple service offerings.  They have a System, Process, Campaign, and Webform for every single Task that they complete.  They use reports to watch trends and...

The Coaching/Consulting Model

Coaching/Consulting Model image
“Offering a service that may or may not require the client to travel.” Case Study #1  LeftFoot Coaching LeftFoot Coaching said that their biggest impact of implementing Infusionsoft was setting up a paid trial process that sequences into a full paid Membership.  They use Opportunity Pipeline/Goals/and Tags in Campaign Builder to automate all of the actions needed.  They make HEAVY use...

The Membership Business Model

The Membership Business Model
“Offering content shared to all members and premium content to premium members with no size limit to membership.”   Case Study #1  The Rocket Company The Rocket Company collects leads from MANY sources and they drive ALL of them to landing pages to opt-in for a free resource, webinar, or live event. They also use Affiliates to market to their own lists with trackable links leading...

Typing Faster On The iPhone

Here is one of Jason’s favorite “productivity tips” to get through the transactional work faster on the iPhone. “Don’t waste time retyping the same stuff…” Great tip Jason! Published on Mar 10, 2012 by Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA, Founder of GET MOMENTUM For more great productivity tips, please visit Jason’s page at  

Top 4 Actions of a Successful Leader

4 Actions of Successful Leaders
(by Jason Womack – 4/21/2014) There are 4 things that successful leaders do every day before lunch. No matter what time they get up in the morning or how busy they are with EVERYthing that needs to be done today, You’ll see these people will always do these 4 things. First, review this list: Successful leaders make a to-do list for tomorrow; yes, before lunch. Successful leaders maximize...

Fighting the Internal Battle

Fighting the Internal Battle
By Linda Reyburn Shirey   If you’re looking for a reason to be paranoid, as a small business owner, you really don’t have to go far. Taxes. Paperwork. Competitors. Employees. Things you should Know How To Do Already. Technology. What’s really more debilitating is cultivating a habit of internal fear. As any student of history should know, it’s often not the outside or...

Trying New Things and Female Entrepreneur Guilt

Trying New Things and Female Entrepreneur Guilt
By Linda Reyburn Shirey People often say that it’s important to Try New Things. In the spirit of “why not”, I’m manfully working my way through the expansion of my musical boundaries: Icelandic music. (Thanks a lot, Buzzfeed.) The only really big problem with Trying New Things is that ….well…..they’re new. They take time to work through and time to learn, and we keep hearing that this...

ICON14 – Magnetic Marketing, Darcy Juarez

Magnetic Marketing
(Notes from presentation by Darcy Juarez at ICON14) The fuel for secret and not so secret millionaires is to have mastered magnetic marketing. Many people set out to mirror others already successful, but don’t necessarily understand everything they are trying to do. Your agenda is to sell something as a small business. You can’t mirror a big business because they have many more agendas...

ICON14: Seth Godin’s Invisible or Remarkable: Marketing that Matters

Seth Godin
(Notes from presentation by Seth Godin) Instead of looking at the world and saying ‘What can I make that I’m good at?’, look at the world and say ‘What is needed?‘ Entrepreneurs leverage other people’s work; Freelancers have to leverage their own work. Which path do you want to take? Mass marketing doesn’t work anymore. This is the curse of old time marketing....

ICON14: The Easy Button

Easy Button
(Notes from presentation by Brad Martineau at ICON14) Infusionsoft isn’t Easy and there is no Easy Button.  Also, there shouldn’t be an Easy Button.  Instead there should be an “I’m getting better Button”, “I’m wishing for more wisdom Button”, or an “I’m gaining skillz Button”   The solution for the gap between Idea and Implemented...