5 Keys of Marketing Strategy

(Notes from a presentation by Greg Head, CMO of Infusionsoft)

5 Keys of Marketing Strategy

Strategy is simply the decisions you make so your tactics work better.

The Marketing Game is all played inside your mind. Everyone has a different version of a person, product, location inside their minds. The version is based on the perceptions of that person as well as past experiences. The place in the brain that for items is called Positioning. When you see a Starbucks logo, Positioning in your brain tells you what you think of Starbucks.  Your Positioning of Starbucks will be very likely different than another’s. Two people can watch the same football game and have polar opposite reactions based on their perceptions of the game (fans of different teams).

Positioning is everywhere.

The 5 keys of marketing strategy must exist in your Positioning Statement:

 For (target customers), (company) is the leading (category) that provides (unique benefit).
Unlike (competitors), (company) does (unique differentiator).

The first part of Infusionsoft’s Positioning Statement is this: “Infusionsoft is the leading sales and marketing software for true small businesses, designed to help them get organized, grow sales, and save time.”  You can see this message over and over in the marketing materials as well as on the website.  All marketing must be aligned to this strategy.

Infusionsoft’s target customer (true small businesses) means a business that is up and running with products and services, making money, but still owner operated.

A Positioning Statement is not a tagline, it is a strategy statement. It isn’t changed or debated. There must be a sense of clarity.

The second part of Infusionsoft’s Positioning Statement is this: “Unlike other small business software providers, Infusionsoft is solely focused on Small business success and provides one easy to use system for sales and marketing.”

You must be dialed in your marketing and conversations as to exactly what you do and it will make all the difference. People can and will refer you out only if they KNOW WHAT YOU DO. Don’t try to cover the gamut with your services.

Who is your target?

Your target market is NEVER everybody. You will grow much faster when you focus the target.

The target market trap that entrepreneurs fall into is they ‘need to eat’. They think if they don’t sell to everybody, how can they make any sales? Don’t fall into this trap! The antidote is FOCUS. The more you say no as to who you will serve, the better you will perform. It may be scary but it works.

What is your category?

If people don’t know your category, you won’t stick in their brain. Google Search knows your brain works by category (hotels downtown Phoenix Arizona/near convention center). Our brain works best when people know exactly who you are and what you do.

What is your unique benefit?

Okay, Infusionsoft didn’t have one specific benefit, but try not to have along list.  It still needs to fit in a single sentence. Chipotle’s unique benefit:

Food with integrity is our commitment to finding the very best ingredients raised with respect for the animals, the environment, and the farmers. Natural, made in front of you, organic.”

They are just a burrito place, but they are also not just A burrito place.

What is your competition?

You have to recognize your competition.  If you identify who are your competitors, people can start connecting you with those categories and then apply the unique benefit you just described to set you apart.

Why are you different and better than ___?

You have to educate people on what is your difference.  The unique benefit and the unique differentiator do sound similar, but they are actually different.  A unique benefit may be also offered by a competitor, but it is something in particular in that you specialize.  Your unique differentiator sets you clearly apart from your competition.


Do these things to get big results.

  • Write it out.
  • Debate it openly
  • Decide it clearly
  • Speak it into existence
  • Live up to it.


Repeat it forever.


Be one thing!  Be the Leader. You have to look like an expert. Leadership exists in the mind of the market. People want to buy the best.


Recommending reading:

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Seth Godin – Purple Cow


What is your focus? Be more focused.


This post is from my notes while attending ICON14 (the Infusionsoft Conference for 2014) on 4/25/2014.  Greg Head is the Chief Marketing Officer for Infusionsoft.  For more Marketing Strategy, check out the Marketing Tips section of YourAutomationCoach.com.

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